12SecondCommute Users Review

12SecondCommute makes two claims of it’s autoresponder and associated services:

1) That the tools all successful marketers need to have are high quality, and represent excellent value for money for anyone wishing to ramp up any online or offline business.

2) That, for those who choose to promote 12SecondCommute as an affiliate, the blend of regular training, ease with which it can be promoted and commission structure provides strong and long lasting residual incomes.

So are the tools within the 12SecondCommute good value and are the affiliate residual commissions worth the work? Or is it all smoke, with little depth and no fire?

I’ll try, as a user, to give you both the good and any bad I’ve found in both the 12SecondCommute Online Tools and it’s associated Income Opportunity, then it’s up to you to decide.


A Brief Company History:

The 12SecondCommute is the latest project from Darryl Graham, and follows his successful development of 2TillProfit over six years ago. 2TillProfit provided great tools but it was never designed to be a massive income earner for his affiliates, being intended to just to cover the affiliates costs once they had introducing two other members (hence the name 2TillProfit), a job it achieved and exceeded easily.

Let me give an example of 2TillProfit earnings in this screenshot.


Now $770 a year looks pretty pathetic doesn’t it? But remember what 2TillProfit was designed for – just to cover costs.

In this year to date, a year in which my commitment to coaching students in my role as the StartBusinessMentor left me no time to promote 2TillProfit in any way, shape or form, I still happily received $770, when my cost to use all the tools, which I did on a daily basis, only cost me $90

So, while it surely isn’t retirement income (I used my other earnings to fund that happy situation) 2TillProfit earned me $680   Thank you 2TillProfit and Darryl Graham! <grin>

Lets move on now to the 12SecondCommute


The 12SecondCommute ( 12 Second Commute ) builds onto this success with even better tools and, most importantly, by coupled them with a three level, highly front loaded commission structure that is producing substantial residual incomes for many of it’s members.

Who’s the 12SecondCommute most suitable for?12secondcommute-big-blue-question-mark

==>> Anyone using the Internet to promote any of the following businesses:

    • Any online MLM, Affiliate or Niche Business – especially if they want to use professional tools that are good value for money and to develop ongoing monthly commissions by promoting them to others

    • Any Brick and Mortar business (Legal, Mortgage or Loans, Real Estate Retail etc) wishing to attract more business by promoting their services online.

    • Affiliate marketers sick of ‘one sale, one commission’ model with it’s ongoing costs to bring in new sales all the time.

    • MLM (Network Marketing) distributors wanting to escape the slavery of the ‘Autoship’ and other ‘you have too each month’ requirements and transition into promoting high quality Internet tools that everyone MUST have to be successful.

    • Any web hosting etc business paying out less that $10 per member per month to it’s members (ie GVO or GDI)


==>> And it’s not much use for?

    • Anyone not willing to invest some time to learn how to use the tools properly – the learning curve, while gentle, does still exist to some extent. Happily the owner, and some other leaders, provide live webinar training weekly and the internal training videos and other materials are very clear and easy to understand.

    • Anyone seduced by the ‘do nothing, make gazillions by next month’ crowd. The 12SecondCommute has the potential to provide excellent ongoing income, allowing people to dump the job and ‘work’ from home (hence the name 12 Second Commute) but there is work involved and a good ‘retirement’ income could well take six months or more to achieve.

12SecondCommute – What is it? What’s included?

==>> The 12 Second Commute Professional tools:

12SecondCommute includes all the tools and resources everyone online must have in order to build a successful business, all in one easy to use account.


    • Autoresponders

    • Ad and Link Trackers

    • URL Rotators

    • Capture Page Creator and Hosting

    • Contact Manager

    • Prospecting System

    • Training Center for Newbies (and not so new ) with live weekly training webinars

    • Hosted Blog

    • Live Conference Centers for all members to use.

    • Affiliate Center

    • Comprehensive activity and result statistics


The 12SecondCommute Commission Plan:

A three tier, heavily front loaded, 60% total, commission structure which provides those members who choose to promote the multi currency symbols12SecondCommute an immediate reward for each new member who takes up an account, and long term residual incomes as all their members monthly subscriptions fall due and they receive a further commission on the renewals.

Retention was high on the old 2TillProfit package and is even higher with the new 12SecondCommute because of the expanded and even higher quality tools suite, and due to the substantial improvements in the rewards coming back to the affiliates.

What’s good about the 12SecondCommute?

The 12SecondCommute includes all the tools every online marketers needs, all in one easy to use package, coupled with a substantial multi tier (not MLM) commission plan, providing substantial residual incomes.


I like the way you’re not overwhelmed by complexity on arrival at the 12SecondCommute and the way the tools are introduced in simple steps as you need them. You are able to get the very best out of the tools without having to tear your hair out in frustrating as you learn how to deploy them. A good example of the ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’ principle

I’m also very impressed with the owner Darryl Graham. In the over four years I’ve used his services he has always over-delivered – often to a surprising degree. In developing this new tools package and the powerful commission structure that goes with it he made a smart move in soliciting the opinion of his super affiliates at every stage and the final package reflects this combined effort.

What needs improvement within the 12SecondCommute?

I’m still not sure letting people join via a free trial was the best way to go, as it attracts a few ‘tire kickers’ who ‘take all, do nothing’. You know the ones – here in New Zealand we call them ‘hangers-on’ (and other things somewhat less polite <grin>)

Fortunately, after the free trial everyone joining will have to elect an upgrade level starting at $14 a month, which weeds out the ’sleepers’.

The services are clearly worth much more than $14 a month, even without the associated ability to earn substantial residual incomes, so maybe I’m just a bit hard nosed in thinking everyone should have been required to invest from day one. In the long run it makes little difference in practice anyway.

What does the 12SecondCommute cost:

All the services and tools are available beginning at $14 a month. Choosing to upgrade to one of the other three levels simply gives more, optional, services. ie. ad and link tracking larger capacity hosting, larger email lists, more capture pages etc.

From my experience most new members will be very happy with what they get for $14 a month and it will only be when their businesses have grown quite large (and therefore quite profitable) that they may see a need to upgrade to get more capacity or additional services. Certainly the base level autoresponder and page builder service is clearly priced at a level to compete with and undercut the price of any other supplier and is superb value for money.


As a user I’m very happy with the effectiveness of all the tools in the 12SecondCommute suite, and many affiliate members are reporting that the commission structure 12secondcommute-all-the-tools-you-need-will-to-succeedis producing regular and ongoing incomes for them.

Clients (who are using the tools to promote other online or offline businesses, and not promoting the 12 Second Commute) are reporting high levels of satisfaction.

The high levels of satisfaction being reported by both affiliates and clients has lead to the expected high levels of retention being achieved and provides reassurance that the residual incomes being produced from both types of memberships will be strong and long lasting.

My recommendation:

Is that you take up the free trial , give all the tools and the training as good thrashing and then decide for yourself whether you think enough of 12SecondCommute to make the move to upgrade to one of the levels that best suites your situation. Frankly, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with what you see

But whatever you decide, be aware, you WILL NEED all these tools if you really want to make it online, and you will not get them at a better price anywhere else.  Don’t overlook the value here because it’s only $14 a month.

My second recommendation:

Is that you attend the live weekly training webinars, especially the one(s) done by the owner Darryl. Get to know the other members, their willingness to assist you, and their integrity, and let that knowledge form part of your decision.

red-curved-arrowThe link below will allow you to join the 12SecondCommute as one of my personal members, and I offer the following additional, exclusive to my members, bonuses should you choose to do so:

  • A free copy of the acclaimed ‘Six Simple Steps To Wealth’ Guide – a $47 value

  • Full, and free, lifetime membership of the StartBusinessMentor Training Center.

  • 1-on-1 personal coaching with me (limited to 1/2 hour a week) and direct access to my 12SecondCommute introducing member, the owner of 12SecondCommute, Darryl Graham.



You can get your free guide and all your additional bonuses HERE, then you will be redirected to 12SecondCommute where you can take up the FREE trial – no credit card or other payment details required – to check it out further.

If you promote, or wish to promote, any business providing residual incomes, for example any MLM (multi-level marketing) program or, even better, a multi-tier affiliate program such as 12SecondCommute’s and others, look particularly for details on the exclusive Prospecting System that’s exploding peoples incomes.


(the StartBusinessMentor)